Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Taya's Birthday Breakfast

I know what you're thinking. . .

We do all three things in one day. . . I just like to separate them on the blog because there are so many pictures involved with birthdays. We always do a birthday breakfast in the morning, then their birthday party with friends later that day. Then we open presents from family later in the evening (usually). So, if it's your birthday your ENTIRE DAY is special.

So, we woke Taya up bright & early to start her special day off right! There's nothing like having your favorite breakfast served to you in bed.

With our birthday breakfasts, there are always ding dongs with a candle. The kids LOVE blowing out candles.

I can't believe my baby girl is FOUR YEARS OLD.

For Taya's special breakfast she requested Chocolate Chip Mickey Mouse Pancakes, scrambled eggs with bacon & cheese, orange juice, & her ding dong. YUM.

Bladen ALWAYS enjoys the ding dongs. . . he snuck onto my plate & ate mine too.

Happy Birthday Taya Girl.

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