Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pumpkin Hot Pockets & Candy Corn Salad

My picky daughter ate THREE of these tonight. It's funny what kids do & don't like. She LOVED these!


2 refrigerated pie crusts
honey mustard
green onions, chopped
ham slices
shredded cheese
2 eggs (divided into 2 bowls. . . one with the yolks, & the other with egg whites)

Crushed Pineapple
Mandarin Oranges
Whipped Cream

Unroll your pie crusts & cut various sizes of pumpkins with a cookie cutter. I made large ones for the adults, medium ones for the older kids, & small guys for the little kiddos. Make sure you have 2 pumpkins for each hot pocket.

Spread honey mustard on the top of every pumpkin. On ONE pumpkin for each pair add green onions, ham, & cheese. Place the top pumpkin piece over the filled piece & seal shut around the edges with a fork.

Add 2 drops of red food coloring to your 2 egg yolks & mix well. It should turn a bright orange color. Then add some green drops to the egg whites & mix well.

With a basting brush paint the orange colored eggs on the round part of your pumpkins & the green onto the stems.

Bake at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes. Voila! Homemade hot pockets!

For the Candy Corn Salad, get a triangle shaped cookie cutter as your guide & fill the bottom with crushed pineapple. Next add some mandarin orange slices to the middle. And finally add a squirt of whipped cream at the top. Lift up your cookie cutter gently & the salad should hold it's shape.

And I have to give a special SHOUT OUT to my
I've missed having good visiting teachers & they surprised me with an entire plate of DELICIOUS goodies. You ladies are the bestest! LOVE YOU!

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