Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Taya's 4th Family Birthday Party

My dear sweet Taya girl is FOUR YEARS OLD. My how the time flies. I STILL remember the long 40 minute drive to the hospital in Trier, Germany the morning she was born. I honestly thought I wasn't going to make it.

My parents had to leave early that Saturday morning so we had our "family party" before they left & saved the "friend" party for that afternoon. Basically, the family party is where the kiddos open their gifts from family members. Taya got all sorts of wonderful things that she loved.

Lorien was such a dear & made Taya a bookmark for her favorite book. She even gave her a few things of mine! (Little imp) But what's important is that she gave her something from her heart & I love that about my girls. What sweethearts.

Look at this adorable homemade gift that Cadence made. Cadence gave Taya some of her favorite things: a dollar she got from the tooth fairy, her favorite necklace, & her little flamingo toy she got at the aquarium with her own money. I love my girls.

The favorite gift of the entire day was the baby my Grandma Cherry gave her. She LOVES that thing. Grandma crocheted a beautiful pink blanket for the baby as well. And then there was a bunch of clothes for her baby too. Taya was in HEAVEN.

Mimi & Baba got her this ADORABLE Snow White costume with a matching purse, gloves, & jewelry. She wears it ALL THE TIME now.

Justin, Cari, Korbyn, & Brinley got her some matching Snow White shoes. That was like the icing on the cake.

Auntie Tylee got her an adorable skirt & shirt. SO CUTE.

Auntie Char & Uncle Jay sent an adorable purple outfit!

Nancy sent tons of cute little dresses, shoes, & a Cinderella Barbie.

Opa & Oma got her a Barbie Swimming Pool, Barbie Lifeguard, Ken Lifeguard, & a Lifeguard Stand. This has been the FUNNEST BATH TOY EVER!

And Trek & I got her a pony with a My Little Pony Carousel. She loves ponies so it was perfect for her.

She is a very lucky girl. So many fun things.
Thank you everyone for your thoughtful gifts.

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