Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Golden Gate Bridge

I'm finally finding some time to blog the FUN VACATION we took while my parents & my grandmother were here last month. We spent 3 fun filled days in San Francisco & we had a BLAST.

Monday morning, we woke up & got ready for our adventure. We left at 8:30 & drove into San Francisco around 10:30. I love that it only takes 2 hours to drive there. It's perfect. I loved seeing the excitement in my mom's eyes as we drove under the Bay Bridge.

(It was a combination of excitement & fear. . . ha ha ha. She's always had a fear of driving over bridges, but we were determined to break her of her fear on our trip.)

We weaved our way up & down the HUGE hills of San Francisco until we came to the most well known San Francisco landmark:
The Golden Gate Bridge

Crossing the bridge is ALWAYS fun. I was worried my mom would have a hard time with it, but it hardly even phased her. The Golden Gate Bridge is a LOT shorter than it looks.

Once we were on the Sausalito side, we stopped at the visitor's center to take some pictures with the bridge & the city in the background. It was REALLY neat to have Grandma Cherry there with us. I'm SO glad we have pictures of all of us together at such a fun place.

This was my mom & dad's first time in San Francisco as well. It was so fun having them all here & traveling together. It reminded me of all our European travels together.

And do you want to know the best part of our entire trip?
San Francisco is ALWAYS freezing & it was in the 80's with blue sky the entire time we were there. It was GORGEOUS.

What a perfect way to start a vacation.

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