Monday, December 30, 2013

A Very Nancy Christmas

Every year we are showered with gifts from my dear friend, Nancy.  Nancy is the woman I met on an airplane on my way home from interning with Disney the summer I was 17 years old.  She sat by me on the airplane & we chatted, exchanged email addresses, & became fast friends.  Over the years, Nancy has adopted our family as her own since she's never been married herself & has no children of her own.  She calls us her "kids" & we just love her to death.

Every Christmas she sends us TONS of presents.  The kids always know exactly what the gifts are, but they still love them.  Every year the kids get boots, shoes, one or two outfits, & a coat.  Trek usually gets a nutcracker, food of some sort, one or two shirts, & a church shirt with matching tie.  For me, it's always a ton of random things. . . sometimes clothes, sometimes kitchen things, sometimes beauty items.  It's always a surprise with me.  My "open me last" gift is always some sort of jewelry.  Nancy is a gemologist & she LOVES sending me gemstones for my birthday & Christmas each year.  We always look forward to our Nancy Christmas (which takes place the Sunday before Christmas to make room under the tree for our normal presents.)

This year my "open me last" gift was a pendant with matching earrings.  The setting is done in rose gold (my favorite right now) & has both pink toned Rhodolite (aka pink Emeralds) & Ethiopian Opals.  I've learned a LOT about gemstones from the things Nancy has sent me.  It's fun learning geology & I love learning about the new stones I get each year.  Here's the specs on these guys:

Pendant: 2.13 carat weight Ethiopian Opal & Rhodolite
Earrings: 3.08 carat weight Ethiopian Opal & Rhodolite 

They are beautiful.  They will look great with warm colored clothes like browns, yellows, oranges.  I can't wait to wear them.

Thank you Nancy for once again making our Christmas MAGICAL.

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