Monday, December 2, 2013

Friends Forever

I know I talk about loving military life a lot.  I really do.  I hate saying goodbye to friends, but then I love saying HELLO to those same friends as our paths cross again.

Now that we're stationed in VA, we get the chance to go up to Washington DC a lot since we're so close.  We were really wanting to go to the DC Temple, but needed someone to watch our kids while we did a session.  Our very very very dear friends from Germany, the Roaches are stationed in Maryland so we set up a meeting point at the temple.  They watched our kids while we did a session & we watched theirs while they did one.

It was SO MUCH FUN.  It was great seeing their family again.  We were the best of friends in Germany & I've missed them SO much.  Now that we are close again, we'll have to meet up more often.

Look at how many kids we have between the 2 of us.  They
had a blast together.

Claire & I.  I've missed her so very much.

Lorien was happy to be with Sadie again.  They were best friends
in Germany & it was really fun for them to see each other again.

I'm very excited to know that we will be seeing them again while we're stationed here.

We love you guys!

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