Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Carving Pumpkins

And no Halloween would be complete without a fun night dedicated to carving pumpkins.  First we went to the local pumpkin patch & let the kids play on the fun things they had there.

Then naturally we went to Walmart to buy pumpkins we could actually afford.  ha ha ha.  The pumpkin patch wanted $18 for itty bitty pumpkins.  Not in this lifetime.  We got HUGE pumpkins from Walmart & Farm Fresh for $2.50 each.  SCORE.

Lorien wore safety glasses to carve.  She's SO funny.

Bladen thought the pumpkin guts were DISGUSTING.

The pumpkins looked fabulous when we were done though.  Everybody got to draw their own design on their pumpkin & everyone had to clean out their own pumpkin.  Daddy & Mommy carved their designs into them too.  (My kids & knives just don't get along!)

I was excited about my own pumpkin this year.  I did a tribute to "Nightmare Before Christmas."  I love Jack Skellington!

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