Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Lorien's Habitat Project

Don't you just love it when your kids come home from school with a "project" to complete.  You know, it was a blast when I just had one kid in school, but now that I have 3 I feel like our house has become project central.  At one time we had 3 projects at various tables at different levels of completion.  It's insane!  But it's also really fun to see what your own children can dream up on their own.  I don't ever remember having the imagination my kids do.  They are amazing.

Lorien's project for October was a habitat project for science.  She was assigned the Arctic Tundra as her habitat & she had to design a shoe box diorama that had the following:
1. A Food Chain Chart on the top of the Project
2. A Light Source - the sun. . . low in the sky since the Arctic Tundra is on the top of the world.
3. Vegetation - in her case grass popping up through the snow
4. At Least 5 Animals that Live in that Environment
- Snowy Owl
- Arctic Hare
- Lemming
- Arctic Fox
- Polar Bear
5. A Water Source - frozen water or ice

Lorien did a great job.  She was SO creative with all my craft supplies.  She painted the sky blue & then added some silvery Christmas ribbon with snowflakes on it to show a snow flurry.  She used glitter & white paint to make snow drifts & cotton balls as snow.  She used sugar cubes to build an igloo & made all of her animals out of clay all by herself.  I was amazed at how beautiful her little fox was.

She had to do an oral presentation on her project as well & she told her class many facts about the Arctic Tundra that she learned through her research.  She got 105 on her project which was an A+.  We were very proud of her.

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