Monday, December 2, 2013

Canyon's First Food

I can't believe my little bitty bitty is old enough for solid food already.  We gave rice cereal a go in October & this is pretty much what he thought of that!

Just like my other 5 kids, he wouldn't touch it.  He spit it out & cried over & over & over so I gave up.  I went straight to the jar food.  And again, just like my other 5 kids, he downs those jars of food like there's no tomorrow.  He'd eat 5 at a time if I'd let him.

Now he's a fabulous eater.  He's had the jar version of oatmeal, rice cereal, & mixed cereal.  He's had every vegetable they make (this kid LOVES peas) & we're now starting on the fruits.

What a cutie pie.

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