Monday, December 2, 2013

Halloween Costumes

Well, now that we're into December. . . .

Wait!  Where did November go!?!  Holy cow!
I figure I really need to sit down & update my blog.  This is, after all, my journal.  I feel really behind & I hate that feeling.  So here we go.  Expect a bazillion things from October, November, & now December heading your way over the next couple of days.

Let's start with our Halloween.  You know how much I ADORE Halloween & everything that comes with it.  I at least did my blog posts of all my SPOOKY meals.  Well, I plan our Halloween costumes all year long.  I love it.  This year the kids REALLY wanted to do Despicable Me 2.  They loved it when we saw it in the theater, & really the costumes weren't that hard so I got right to work.

This was our final product:
Despicable Me 2

And this is what the floor of my bedroom looked like for most of September & all of October.  My poor husband is a saint to put up with my madness.

So without much further ado. . . let's take a looksie at those costumes up close:
Agent Lucy Wilde: a secret agent for the anti-
villain league, Gru's partner & eventual wife.

Yup, that's me under that red hair.  Crazy right?
It was SO FUN.

And everybody knows Gru, the world's
most famous villain. . . turned good guy/
adopted father.

Trek was all about shaving his head & gluing
a prosthetic nose on for this role.  It made it
really fun!

And who could forget the three lovable orphans
that Gru adopts?  Margo: the eldest sister who is smart
& responsible.  Edith: the middle tomboy who
loves getting dirty & playing hard.  And little Agnes:
the baby of the bunch, full of life & happiness.

The girls fit their respective roles perfectly.
Taya was the perfect Agnes.  Full of life, energy,
excitement, & smiles.

Lorien as Edith.  A total tomboy, yet loves pink.
She REALLY got into her part.

And Cadence as Margo.  Smart as a whip &

And if we're doing Despicable Me, we have to have
We did 2 yellow minions & 1 purple minion.

Canyon made the cutest minion EVER.

Craiger (aka Monster at our house) was
of course chosen to don the purple minion
costume.  He was upset here because I hadn't
sewn the "hair" on yet.

And the purple minion costume WITH HAIR.

Bladen is always just so happy to be dressed up.

The night before Halloween our church had a Halloween party so we got all dolled up & had a blast as a family there.

"Is this annoying?"


Lorien, my little center of attention, got the entire
party doing the thriller dance by the end of the night.
She LOVES that dance & loves it when people do it
with her.  It was the highlight of the night for us parents who
grew up with Thriller to see all our little ones doing
the same dance we learned to love YEARS ago.


  1. Hi I don't know you but I really enjoyed seeing all of this thank you (I was googling "Despicable Me costumes" because we are late with ours this year ;) ... also thought I'd share our family Halloween costumes, here is our gallery! Hope you guys have fun as that time of year is almost here again

    Michael in Utah

  2. Replies
    1. I get most of my Halloween wigs on Amazon. Sometimes I watch wigs until the prices come down to what I can afford. But once September hits, wig seem to go up in price since it's so close to Halloween. :-) Something like this would work.

  3. Where did you get your gru nose?

    1. I just got it on I just looked for costume noses & it was one of the noses that popped up on the search.