Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cadence's Musical Instrument Project

Now we can't have Lorien & Taya have all the fun.  November was Cadence's turn to have a go building a project of her own.  Her project was for her 5th grade science class.  They were learning about sound waves & had to create a musical instrument of their own.

Here were the rules:
1. The Student had to Complete the Project on their Own (no parents)
2. All Materials had to be Found at Home (no purchasing things)
3. The Instrument Had to Show the Student's Personality/Creativity in it's Design
4. The Instrument had to Make at Least 3 Different Notes/Sounds

Cadence was amazing.  She looked online for some lesser known instruments because she didn't want to make something that everyone else was going to make.  She found some interesting instruments from Africa & decided she wanted to make something similar to an Mbira, an instrument found in Kenya.

She got a block of wood out of the garage, painted it with some "Cadence flair" & then hot glued some popsicle sticks to the top of it.  Then she used Trek's pliers to cut some of my hair pins into different lengths & glued them under another set of popsicle sticks.  She even found some old screws in Trek's toolbox that she used to screw down the sticks so that the hair pins would stay in place.  Once everything was dry & screwed in tight, she had six little pins that could be strummed to make 6 different pitched notes.  I was very proud of her for coming up with such a fun concept.

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