Monday, December 30, 2013

Drama Queen

Lorien is such a Drama Queen!

No, she's not emotional. . . nor does she throw tantrums.  She LOVES plays.  Last year she had a lead in her school play "Stone Soup."  She memorized her lines within one day & had a blast during her 3 performances.  So when auditions started for the 3rd grade Christmas production she was first in line to try out.  And of course, she got a part.  She was SO excited.  She even got to march in the Smithfield Christmas parade on the play's float.

This was on the advertisement poster for the play.

Lorien is SO enthusiastic when she sings, dances, & says her lines.  She's a crack up.  I hope this love for the theater continues.  Trek & I both LOVED doing plays in High School.  I'd love for one of my kids to share that same love.

Great job Lo.  You were FABULOUS!

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