Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Book Character Day

So another project 2 of my girls' school did was Book Character Day 
(the day after Halloween.)

Taya of course went as Agnes again & brought her little Despicable Me easy reader with her to school.  She looked adorable.

Lorien on the other hand is a 3rd grader this year.  She can't get away with dressing up as a supporting character.  All the 3rd graders had to read a novel of some sort & dress up as the
from that book.  I bought the Despicable Me Jr. Novel for her back in September & she spent the entire month reading it so she could dress up like Edith.  When we got news it had to be the main character, she was SO sad.  But we turned that frown upside down & made her into the cutest & funniest Gru I've ever seen.  Her whole class LOVED her all dressed up as the world's best super villain.  

She got an A on her oral presentation (aka book report) for book character day.  I was very proud of her for completing 2 projects & 2 oral reports so close together & for getting such good grades on both of them.

The bus stop on November 1st was ADORABLE.  Everybody had their book character costumes on & they looked great.  I love our little bus stop.  We have the best kids on the block.

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