Monday, December 2, 2013

and a little randomness . . .

I just thought I'd throw out a few random pics that we took in October.  These were too cute NOT to blog.

Daddy enjoys time with his boys.  I love how they all look completely passed out cuddled together.

I love this picture.  I was getting groceries at Walmart (in October mind you) when we came across this aisle.  I was looking at the toys to buy a birthday present for a friend of my daughter when I realized my little monster was missing.  I turned around quickly & called his name & started walking past the aisles to see where he had run off to.  In the next aisle over, this is what I found.  Is that cute or what?  Oh the magic of Christmas.

and then look how cute this little guy is.  My little "muggus."  (that's his nickname)

For Halloween I embroidered the Hogwarts logo on some robes for my friend's kids.  It felt SO good to get my embroidery machine out again.  I love that thing.

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