Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cadence's Family Birthday Celebrations

Happy 13th Birthday to Cadence!!!!!

Canyon couldn't wait to wish his big sister a Happy Birthday.

For her birthday breakfast Cadence wanted toaster strudels, sliced pears, & the Potter birthday breakfast ding dong.

I added in the 4th Harry Potter book because she is officially 13 & can now read it.  I'm a mean momma that doesn't let her kids read books/movies equivalent to PG-13 movies until they turn . . . well, 13.  It gives them something to look forward to.  So she pretty much devoured this book in 3 days & we got to watch the movie with her for the first time which was great fun.

Good morning birthday girl.

I think she was more excited about her book than any of her presents or her party.

13 years old already.

Our fairy godmother, Nancy, sent Cadence all sorts of fun presents this year.  She got lip glosses, shoes & clothes, a purse, & some fun Harry Potter journals & games.

Brother Holland from VA sent her a beautiful little package with a new journal & colored pencils inside.  He was Cadence's church teacher in VA.  We sure miss all our friends there.

Auntie Tylee gave Cadence some $$ & some fun girly things like lipstick & lotion.  We loved having Auntie Tylee there to celebrate with us.

Auntie Marc also came up to spend the day with us.  She put some money in Cadence's college fund as well as gifted her with some fun pens & office supplies, a beautiful journal, & jewelry.

Auntie Cari & Uncle Justin & all Cadence's cousins on that side of the family sent her a beautiful journal & a Uni-kitty Lego Dimensions character.  Cadence is SO excited because she uses several journals at once for different things & she was completely out.  Now she's got a few to fill up.

Opa & Oma got her a reed case that has a humidifier inside to keep it wet.  It will be much easier for her to play her oboe now.  She also got a Princess Rosalina figure for our Super Smash Brothers game on the Wii U.

Mimi, Baba, & Mamoo got her a music stand, an oboe solo book, & a tuner. . . all much needed things for her oboe practice.

The brothers & sisters got her a Doc Brown lego dimensions character.

And for Cadence's special birthday dinner, I made her Hawaiian haystacks which is her favorite dinner.

It was a great celebration for a wonderful young lady.  We love you Cadence.

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