Thursday, February 25, 2016

Mimi, Baba, & Mamoo

My mom, dad, & my grandmother came out to visit us right after Cadence's birthday.  We haven't seen them since we moved from VA & even then it was only an overnight visit.  It was nice to have them here for almost a full week.  We did all sorts of fun things from shopping, exploring Mountain View, museums, & just hung out at home.

The first day they were here, the older kids were in school so we went to the mall with Craiger & Canyon.

And we got to let them taste our FAVORITE treat here.  In the mall there's an amazing little food place that makes FRIES.  You can choose regular fries or curly fries or tater tots or sweet potato fries.  Then you pick your favorite flavoring & voila, heaven in a bowl.

The boys got regular fries with cheddar flavor, I got sweet potato criss cross fries with BBQ flavor, & my mom got tater tots with garlic parmesan flavor.  SO GOOD.

My parents have always given each of our kids a build a bear stuffed toy when they turned 2 or 3.  Canyon was the only one that hadn't gotten one from them yet so we made a trip to build a bear just for him.  He picked out a "Toothless" stuffed dragon for his special toy.

He picked out a cute heart for "dragon" & helped fill him with stuffing.

Then he gave him a bath & got him nice & clean.

He is SO happy with his toothless.  He sleeps with him every night.  What a cutie.

We enjoyed having my family here.  We always have a lot of fun together.  I already miss them.

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