Thursday, February 25, 2016

Lorien's 11th Birthday Party - Disneyland Theme

Lorien came up with the most perfect birthday party theme ever this year.  After going to Disneyland for Christmas this year, she turned to me & said "Mom, I want a Disneyland birthday party!"
Why have I never thought about that?  What a fun idea.

I couldn't wait to get started.

For her birthday cake this year she really wanted me to bake my Reese's Peanut Butter Fudge cake, but give it a Mickey Mouse touch, so I did just that.  I baked my cake & frosted it & then added little Mickey Mouse sprinkles on top.  It looked super cute.

The girls wanted to try out the photo booth to make sure it worked alright.  I think all the kids at the party had a little too much fun with the photo props.

I decorated the house into little areas, each representing a different "land" at Disneyland.  I don't think I've ever had this much fun decorating for a party before.

For Tomorrowland, I used a black dollar store tablecloth & glued stars to it.  We let the kids fly drones & program Trek's BB8 robot here during the party.

I set up my kitchen area like the Tiki Room in Adventureland.  My absolute FAVORITE thing at Disneyland is at the Tiki Room.  Any guesses?

For the goody bags, I just bought red bags & cut out Mickey ears out of black cardstock & glued them to the bags. 

The table was designated Toon Town.  I had a Mickey & Gang window cover that I used as well as Mickey plates & Mickey colors to decorate.  

Fantasyland was a simple design.  I just hung some pink fans & printed a picture of It's A Small World.

In Fantasyland we played a Tangled game & made Mickey Mouse ears.  I made the ears the week before the party out of felt, foam, & black headbands.  The guests got to further decorate their ears as part of the party.

My favorite ride at Disneyland is in Frontierland - THE HAUNTED MANSION.
I was just excited because I got to get out some Halloween decorations.  It was kind of fun.

I have some glow in the dark Haunted Mansion playing cards so we played a game of "Bones" (also known more commonly as "Spoons", but instead of grabbing spoons, I had glow in the dark bones.)

Lorien was SO excited about everything.  I love seeing the smile on my kids' faces when everything is done & ready to go.  I love her so much.

The first thing we did was play a Tangled game.  We paired up all the guests & gave them a roll of yellow crepe paper.  They had to roll "Rapunzel's hair" around each other & whichever team got their entire roll around their partner first won.

Second we let the kids work on Mickey Ears.  They probably spend a good 30 minutes drawing, designing, cutting, & gluing pieces to their Mickey Mouse ears.  They were SO creative.

Once the craft time was over with, we made our way to the Tiki Room to enjoy my VERY FAVORITE part of Disneyland - 

Then they went back to decorating their ears some more.  I didn't think they'd have that much fun with it, but boy, they were crafting FOREVER.

The ears turned out really adorable.

Cadence's was my favorite.  She decorated her ears to look like Ursula.  She did a great job too.

Lorien did a fantastic job as well.  She did a Disney villain theme.  She had Ursula's tentacles & shell necklace, the evil queen's poisoned apple, Maleficent's horns, a heart card for the Queen of Hearts, & a silhouette of Cruella DeVil.

Next we played "Bones" with the Haunted Mansion cards.  The kids were at this game FOREVER as well.  I think we could have just done the ears & this game & they would have been completely satisfied.  They played it over & over & over & over again.

After the game we let Lorien open up her presents from her friends.  She has found some really wonderful friends here.  It makes me so happy to have such good kids around.

Then we headed over to Toon Town for some yummy cake & ice cream.

To end the party, we let the kids play with drones & BB8 as well as play in the photo booth props.  I think I took 100 photos just of photo both stuff.  Kids just LOVE posing these days.

It was probably the funnest party I've ever done & I've done A LOT.  

Happy Birthday my sweet little Lorien.  I hope your day was as amazing as you are.

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