Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Computer History Museum

So living in Silicone Valley & my husband being the huge computer nerd that he is, of course we'd have to take my family to the Computer History museum.

Canyon in this picture pretty much sums up the excitement of this museum.  ha ha ha.
Trek was in heaven, we were trying our best to stay interested for him. 

The kids did like the interactive google earth exhibit.  They each got to take turns moving Google Earth to the location they wanted to see.

We also watched a 30 minute demonstration of a computer from the 1960's.  Cadence was chosen to be the "helper" & got to work the card entry area.  She thought that was pretty cool.

Back in the day, punch cards looked like this & they had secretaries type all the important information onto the cards before they ran them through the GIANT computer to issue paychecks.

Once the cards got put into the computer, the check/document would print out.  It was pretty cool that Cadence was used as the example for the whole demonstration.

I actually thought it was pretty cool to see a real Enigma machine from the war.  I love the story of Alan Turing & how he created the first "computer" that broke the code & won the war for us.

The kids were pretty bored through most of the museum simply because they didn't understand a lot of it.  But once we hit the video game area, they were happy as larks.

They had Pac-Man so Canyon was happy.  That kid LOVES Pac-Man & is REALLY good at it.

I'm glad we went.  It was an interesting museum.  It was nice going with Trek because he has such a love for computers.  He was like a kid in a candy store.  It was cute.

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