Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Lorien's Cello

My very favorite thing about living in CA is that the schools here teach strings.  In VA they only taught band instruments, which is great too, but I'm a string teacher so I was DYING to have at least ONE of my kids play a string.  

Lorien was SO THRILLED when she chose the cello as her instrument.  Her music teacher was nervous at first since the entire 5th grade orchestra was only violins.  Plus we moved here 3 months into the school year so she'd be 3 months behind everyone else.  I promised her that I would teach her at home & that I'd have her up to speed within a month.  She gave us a month trial to see if we could accomplish that.

We rented a really beautiful cello from a music store down the road & I got right to work.  It brought back SO MANY MEMORIES.  I miss playing my viola SO much.  Within 2 weeks, Lorien was already at the skill level the rest of her class was.  Already knowing her musical theory from piano lessons was a big help & she just naturally plays the cello beautifully.  I'm SO proud of her.

She is the only cellist at the entire school so she really stands out when she plays.  She's also really good at slap cello to help her class keep the beat.  Her orchestra teacher ADORES her & uses her a lot in their lessons.  Each day she practices she improves more & more & she is happy which makes me happy.

I love my little cellist.

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