Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Happy Birthday Trek

Trek's birthday is the start of the Potter birthday month.  We have 4 birthdays in a month so his is always the start of it all.

For his birthday the kids (ahem, I) got him the new Lego Dimensions game for the Wii U.  We got that Wii U for Christmas, but only had 2 games for it.  This one is a lot of fun because it has lego people you get to play with in the game.  It's a great one for kids & grown ups to play together.

For his birthday breakfast, Trek had biscuits & gravy, bacon, & a Potter birthday breakfast cupcake.

37 years young.

Taya made Trek a little girl out of a toilet paper roll to help remind him of her.  
(How adorable can you get?).  She also gave him the $1 she had.

Lorien bought him an Anger Funko Doll for his desk at work.  We always tease that I'm Joy & Trek's Anger from Inside Out. . . which is funny because Trek NEVER gets mad.  He just likes how Anger's head starts on fire.

Grandma Kinsfather sent a beautiful card with money this year.  He bought himself some delicious gelato with his money.

Nancy sent Trek all sorts of new clothes, goodies, bacon themed things, & Star Wars PEZ dispensers. We always enjoy all the fun things our fairy godmother sends us.

My parents send him Super Mario Brothers 3D, a game he's been wanting ever since we got the Wii U.

And Cari & Justin sent him Super Mario Brothers for the Wii U.  Both are totally different games & both Mario games are a blast.  Trek is in HEAVEN.

I was the boring gift giver this time around.  I got him a universal remote since all our remotes are broken & don't do anything anymore.  Yay for being able to change the volume without walking to the TV.  How lazy are we?  ha ha ha

I also got him the Doctor Who lego to the Lego Dimension game. . . because . . . Doctor WHO!

For his birthday dinner, Trek wanted homemade chicken nuggets & funeral potatoes.  It's also pretty much the entire family's favorite dinner so it was a huge win for everyone.

And he requested CHEESECAKE for his cake this year.  I don't make cheesecake so I got to buy it which was a lot less stressful for me.  It was delicious.

Happy birthday sweetheart.  I hope your day was amazing.

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