Monday, February 29, 2016

Craiger's 5th Birthday Family Celebrations

Craiger has been waiting for his birthday breakfast all week long.  He couldn't wait for his Dinosaur Egg oatmeal, scrambled eggs with cheese & bacon, & a birthday breakfast ding dong.

Good morning birthday boy.

I still can't believe this little guy is 5 years old.  It seems like only yesterday he was a little itty bitty baby in my arms.  He has grown into such a sweet & cuddly little young man.  

Lorien spent her money & bought him a Sully Disney Infinity character to play.

The younger brothers & sisters got him a Kylo Ren light saber.

Mimi & Baba & Mamoo got him a Marvel lego game for the Wii U & Rise of the Guardians movie.  He was SUPER excited about both of them.

Opa & Oma got him a bike helmet & some Star Wars characters for Disney Infinity.

Uncle Justin, Auntie Cari, & his cousins sent him a dinosaur mosaic craft set.  We've been playing with these all morning.  He loves them.

Cadence bought him a little lego set.

Our fairy godmother - Nancy sent him a cute shirt, monster truck, star wars beach towel, book, & a star wars scooter.  He was WAY excited about that scooter.

Canyon LOVES to photobomb every picture.  It cracks me up.

Trek & I gave him his very first set of legos.  He now has a whole box of fun to create.  He's loving it.

For his birthday dinner, he asked for macaroni & cheese & grapes.  He was such a happy little man.

Happy birthday Craiger!

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