Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Having Fun

We've had a lot of fun these last two months.

Opa works up in the Bay Area regularly so we have seen him a LOT lately.  Him & Oma lived with us for 2 weeks in January while Tylee was really really sick & in the hospital in San Francisco.  Then Opa has come up a few times since then for work.  He always stops by to say hello & treat us with something fun.  The kids LOVE having Opa around.

The boys & I have started exploring the library downtown.  I finally feel like I can get into a routine here in CA & the boys missed story time in VA so we're trying out the story time here in Mountain View.  We love it.  The boys think it's pretty cool that there are 2 pieces of the Berlin Wall just outside the library doors.  They always want to go touch them every time we go to the library.

Bladen FINALLY lost his first tooth.  YAYAYAYAY!  He's a whole lot older than my other kids were.  He was SO excited.  Now he has a 2nd loose tooth that we expect to come out over the next week or two.  The tooth fairy brought him a whole dollar & he was THRILLED.

We also celebrated Mardi Gras this month like we always do.  Canyon got the baby in his cake last year so he helped me make the cake this year.  Actually, Craiger was a big help this time around.  We always have fun baking this guy.  This year Taya found the baby inside her cake piece she she'll be making the cake next year.

We had the opportunity of seeing President Obama here on base last week.  Air Force One flew in one day & out the next for some fund raiser he had to be at out here.  It was really neat.  I managed to get  shot of Air Force One taxi-ing into the base as well as the car driving out the base gate with the president inside.

The next day I went up closer & took some pics of Air Force One.  It's kind of exciting that he flies right into the base twice a year.

We've also had several visits from Auntie Tylee these past two months as well.  Tylee got really really sick in Peru at Thanksgiving & brought back a super bug that almost killed her.  She has 2 collapsed lungs & really truly almost died.  We are SO grateful to still have her with us.  The kids love it when she comes over to spend the night & play with us.  She is such a wonderful, loving Auntie.  We love living SO close to her.

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