Thursday, February 25, 2016

Lorien's Family Birthday Celebrations

Saturday, after her Disneyland party, we had a mini party for Lorien where she got to open up her presents from family.

Her big sister Cadence gave her $10 to spend on whatever she wanted.  She's been saving up for a Rainbow Dash Build a Bear so she's going to use her money to help with that.  Rainbow Dash doesn't come out again until March 10th so we've got it on our calendar to go then.

This little crazy kid has learned the art of photo bombing.  He now wants to be in every pictures making funny faces at everyone.  He kept photo bombing all of Lorien's pictures.  Little stinker.

Our fairy godmother Nancy sent Lorien some beautiful clothes, shoes, a purse, & some fun girly things like chapsticks & a journal.  Lorien loved it all.

Auntie Tylee came down from San Francisco to celebrate with us & she brought Lorien a huge bag full of Lorien's favorite thing in the world - GUM
She also put some money into Lorien's college fund.

Auntie Marc came up from Santa Cruz & celebrated with us too.  She gave Lorien a beautiful journal & some markers to write in it.  She also brought some yummy treats & chapstick.  And like always, she put some money into Lorien's college fund.  My kids are so blessed to have such wonderful Auntie's.

Opa & Oma sent Lorien the Inside Out movie as well as a beautiful cello necklace.

And Uncle Justin, Auntie Cari, & all the cousins on that side of the family sent the Jurassic Park characters for Lego dimensions as well as some new discs for our Disney Infinity game.  The kids are hooked on that Lego game.  It's a fun one & it's SO exciting when you get a new character to play with.

Lorien's brothers & sisters gave her her favorite Disney character - Maleficent to add to her Funko collection.

And Trek & I got her a Kindle Fire.  On Black Friday we managed to score this for $35 which was amazing.  She was SO excited to have her own tablet.

For her birthday breakfast, I made her chocolate chip pancakes, scrambled eggs, & a Potter birthday breakfast ding dong.

She was pretty happy with it all, even if it was the crack of dawn on a Sunday morning.

I can't believe Lorien is already 11.

For her birthday dinner, Lorien wanted a potato & chicken casserole, caesar salad, & nectarines.  She was in heaven.

Happy birthday Lo.  You bring so much joy into our lives.  We love you SO much.

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