Thursday, February 25, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

My parents were here for Valentine's Day too.  Canyon loves his Baba.

Since they were in town, & since Lorien's birthday was only a few days away, we let her open her presents from Mimi, Baba, & Mamoo while they were here so they could see her open them.

Mamoo got her a beautiful color book with some fun Sharpie markers to color it with.

Mimi & Baba gave her the Wii U game she's been wanting for a while now: Just Dance Disney.  Lorien LOVES to dance to music so the dance games are SO fun for her.  She loves to learn new routines & dance with the pros.

For Valentine's Day I left little Valentine treats for everyone on the breakfast table.  They thought it was cute.  Cute treats for the cutest of kiddos.

Happy Valentine's Day from the Potter clan.

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