Sunday, July 5, 2009

Backyard BBQ

Happy 4th of July from Germany!!

This year we celebrated by having a huge BBQ over at our house. We invited anyone & everyone to come over who didn't have plans for the 4th. We totally thought that people would be going out of town so we didn't expect to have a whole lot of people. Well, much to our surprise we stopped counting at 85 people. Holy Moly! It was SO MUCH FUN!! The more the merrier in my opinion!

Trek & I bought all the meat & drinks & thank heavens we bought enough to feed 100 people (just in case), & everybody brought a side dish or dessert to share. I also made a yummy jello salad that looked like an American flag (see picture) & a fresh strawberry pie (which totally got scarfed down before I could even get a picture.)

I spent the day before making cute little napkin rings out of those red & white striped peppermints you can buy & put together 70 sets of silverware with napkins & candy rings. They turned out pretty cute.

The food was great. People brought cakes & potato salads & chips & all sorts of fabulous food. Taya loved the cupcakes, of course.

And what's a party without games? We did a hula hoop contest (I did terribly, but Cadence did pretty well), a water balloon obstacle course, & a water balloon toss while the kiddos played on the slip'n slide! Then after everything we went & watched fireworks at the base. I hope everyone else had as great a time as I did.


  1. How fun! I can't believe how many people you had over! But it sounds like you all had a blast! Wish we were there to celebrate with you :(

  2. I remeber that it was so hard to get a pic. of the kids cause they were screaming "its cold".. I had to demand them to stay in the water and smile for me... Poor lauren she was so cold and I told her "Just one picture"