Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Cool Treat"

So, I'm in charge of Lunch Bunch today. Lunch Bunch is where a bunch of us women get together at a park with all the kids & we have a picnic lunch together. Everybody brings their own lunches, but we take turns bringing a treat for the kids to eat after lunch. The weather has been so beautiful here, so I thought ice cream would be great on a hot day....but ice cream melts. So I looked online & found this adorable idea. Ice cream cone cupcakes. They are absolutely adorable!

First you put hard candies in the bottom of the cones to weigh them down. Then you put a normal sized cupcake upside down on the top of the cone with frosting. Then you put a mini-cupcake upside down on top of the 1st one with frosting. Then you just frost it. The messier it looks, the better...just like real soft serve. Add some sprinkles & you have a fun ice cream cone cupcake. The kids are going to love them!

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