Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One of THOSE days. . .

Wow, do you ever have one of those days where you just can't imagine anything else possibly happening? Good night! Today was definitely one of THOSE days & there's still a few hours left in it.

First, as we were getting ready to go to cheer camp (with 4 separate backpacks for the 4 separate kids with lots of separate toys...you get the drift), we were all downstairs when we heard a huge CRASH from upstairs. As I walked up the stairs, my eyes started to water & I could smell "Trek." Oh NO! I peeked into our bathroom & it was exactly as I thought. Trek's cologne had fallen from the top shelf of the medicine cabinet, crashed on the counter top & shattered, then trickled all the way to the floor. Glass shards, & strong smells were everywhere. It took a good 30 minutes to clean it up. Now I smell like cologne, the vacuum smells like cologne, & don't even go upstairs! It's so strong you gag.

Second, I sat through 2 hours of cheerleading camp with Taya & Bladen in a small back room where no food was allowed. Don't they realize that's how you keep a kid quiet? They both wanted me the whole time so as I held one, the other screamed & vice versa.

Third, I had to buy ink at the German store (the only store out here that sells our printer ink). In Germany you have to "buy" a cart for stores & I had 4 two Euro coins which would buy 8 carts, but I had ZERO one Euro coins which is what a cart costs. So, I had to truck in there with all 4 kids & no cart. Three full aisles of this store is candy. Yeah, lots of fun. As soon as we walked through the little "entrance gate" (also known as the point of no return), little man blows a diaper...& I mean BLOWS a diaper. It's all over my hands, my arm, my clothes...all over him, etc. Oh & he decides he's hungry right then too. Taya walks into a candy display & knocks a tooth pretty hard, so she starts screaming. I grab the ink, & run for the register, 2 screaming babies, & 2 whiners wanting candy or food of some sort. They ring up my ink & take my debit card. But they can't get it to work. I keep trying to tell the lady that I have to enter my pin number, but she doesn't understand a word of english. I try to talk in my horrible German, but she still won't listen to me. She ran my card about 5 times (10 full minutes) when I finally just handed her Euro cash. She wanted to make my card work. But my kids were screaming & I wanted out of there!

Fourth, I was almost late when my Visiting Teachers came. Their four kiddos came too, which is fine because they're good kids & they play well with mine...but it's always a little hectic when you have 8 kids around. As soon as they left, a friend was in a bind & needed me to watch her kids while she sorted some things out. So as I type this I've got even more kiddos. (But it's keeping my kids occupied, so that's good.)

Fifth, Cadence has blockage in her ear, so while I'm watching the kids, I'm putting hydrogen peroxide & water in her ear to loosen it up because the doctors here won't see her until tomorrow.

I just put dinner in the oven & I guess my foil wasn't as tight as I thought & now half the dinner is on the kitchen floor.

Like I said... one of THOSE days. Is it time for bed yet?

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