Tuesday, July 7, 2009

There's Nothing Like Throwing A Pie In Your Hubby's Face!!

Today was Major Shearer's (a dear friend of ours) going away Squadron BBQ. It was for the whole family. Trek has been working hard trying to get it all ready. He was tasked with putting it all together. He even got a bounce house for the kids to jump in. It was a lot of fun. Well, one of the traditions at these BBQ's are the pie-in-the-face contests. Everybody votes throughout the BBQ on who they would most like to see get a pie in their face. Then the top vote getters have to go in front of everyone for an auction. The person stands forward & the crowd then bids money on the pie. Whomever bids the highest amount for the pie gets to throw the pie in the person's face. However, the person nominated can "buy" his way out of the pie & in that case, he gets to pie anybody he chooses in the face. All the money goes to the squadron for more squadron parties.

The girls were getting restless & I was getting tired, so I began to leave as they were announcing who was being "pied" today. I literally pivoted my foot & did a 360 when I heard Trek's name get called out. I had to watch!! This was great! But then my wheels started turning....oh how I'd love to throw a pie in his face. Not that I'm mad at him or anything, it would just be fun. (I know, what a mean wife huh?) I immediately ran to my purse & looked to see how much money I had. I had a lousy $10. That was nothing in these contests. I was a little bummed when I noticed the other Lieutenants pooling their money together in a corner. I ran over to them & asked if they were putting it on Trek. Of course they were. I handed them my $10 & asked if I could do the honor. The MC of the whole thing saw me & turned to Trek & over the loud speaker said "Ooh..Potter, you've got your own money going against ya!" The bidding began & the LT's won with a bid of $85! When the MC asked who was going to throw the pie, they pointed to me & everybody started laughing! The MC turned to Trek & asked "Do you want to buy yourself out?" He pulled out his wallet & I yelled "There's nothing in it...I've got it all in my purse!" Everybody laughed more after that. I had won.

The pie consisted of a crust, applesauce, whipped cream, & chocolate sauce. It was SO MUCH FUN! There really is nothing like throwing a pie in your hubby's face. Poor guy was disgusting. Taya would just point at him & say "Ewww!" He's a good sport. Love you babe!

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  1. I laughed so hard while reading this blog... Poor Mr. Trek..