Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stuffed in a Locker

Cadence & Lorien have had cheerleading camp all week this week. The camp is held in the gymnastics studio on base & there is a little room in the back where the parents & siblings have to stay while the girls cheer. It's a cute room with toys & a tv with a DVD player so the kids can keep busy while the moms watch their girls. Well, Taya found her way to the gymnastics lockers & climbed right into one. The little imp figured out how to lock herself in from the inside & started screaming when she realized she couldn't get out. I was laughing so hard. She is just too curious! She just gets herself in trouble without even trying. I had a camera & started taking pictures because it was so funny. She was SO mad at me for taking pictures instead of getting her out. Once I unlocked it, it became a game, so I spent 2 hours of my morning unlocking that locker over & over & over again. (I wonder what game we'll play tomorrow at cheer camp? ha ha ha)

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  1. OH MY! So funny:) I love my nieces!!