Sunday, July 19, 2009

The "REAL" Matterhorn ride

On our way from the Temple to the Matterhorn we followed our GPS faithfully. But all of a sudden, the road ended, but "Birgit" (that's what we named our GPS) showed us to continue driving on a non-existent road in front of us. We were so puzzled as to what to do. Then we saw a car come up behind us & drive onto a little metal platform right next to us. We hadn't noticed the platform before. There were several cars pulling onto it, so we followed. It was a small metal platform that could barely fit cars on it & soon after we pulled onto it, it began to move. . . FAST!! It was a ferry train that ferried your vehicle through the alps. Trek & I had our windows rolled down because it was beautiful outside, but then we entered a tunnel. We could feel the air hit our faces which told us we were flying at top speed & the air in the tunnel almost wasn't breathable. We had to roll up the windows so we could breath. This tunnel had NO lights. We could feel ourselves moving, but could see NOTHING. I held my hand in front of my face & all I saw was blackness. It was engulfing. I actually started to panic. Five minutes passed. We were still in the tunnel. I reached for Trek & we both laughed at how scared we both were. Just then we saw 2 red lights directly above us. We both jumped & then laughed at ourselves. It reminded us of the Matterhorn ride at Disneyland: the dark tunnel, the train, the ups & downs, & then the bright red "eyes" of the Monster staring down at us. We were a little creeped out. 10 minutes passed, we were still in the tunnel, but now we had seen the red lights about 3 times. 11 minutes. . . 12 minutes. . .how long was this thing? 13 minutes. . . we finally exited the tunnel almost 20 minutes after we entered it. We literally went 20 miles through a tunnel in the alps. It was crazy! It was like our own personal Matterhorn ride...but the Matterhorn ride when you're a kid & don't know what's going on & feel like you're going to pee your pants because you're scared. The ride back in the tunnel was much more enjoyable because we knew what to expect. Even though it was scary, it was a very memorable experience!

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