Thursday, July 2, 2009

A "BERRY" Fun Afternoon!!

Today was "Explore the Eifel" day which meant Trek didn't have to go to work, as long as we did something fun in our area of Germany. So, we went to the strawberry fields in Wittlich & picked strawberries for an hour. The girls were so cute & it was fun to see their personalities come out in the "fields."

Cadence was hilarious. It was fun for her for about a grand total of 10 minutes. "Mom, it's hot out here! I think I'm done!" Then after 30 minutes (20 of which she sat in the air conditioned van) we heard her yell, "Okay everybody, it's time to go...we've been picking for hours! I think we've got enough strawberries!" Trek & I were laughing SO hard.

Lorien was a trooper. She never got tired & she had a blast the whole hour. She stayed with me or Trek the whole time & would pick the strawberries from the same patches we were. She just wanted to "chat" while we worked together. She is my hard worker. Although, I think she might have eaten more strawberries than she actually picked. She LOVES them.

And Taya was so cute. She just followed us around wondering what in the world we were doing. We kept showing her our strawberries, but she could care less. Finally Trek forced one into her mouth & you should have seen the reaction. Her eyes got big & a huge smile grew on her face. I've never seen that kid so determined in my life. She started digging through those bushes like there was no tomorrow. Every time I looked at her, she was shoving another strawberry in her mouth. She threw down her basket almost immediately....after all, who wants to put these things in a basket when they can go directly into your mouth?

The strawberries were by far the best strawberries I had ever tasted in my life. They were so ripe & so red & so beautiful. They were perfect in every way. In one hour's time, we had picked 10 pounds of beautiful strawberries. It was so much fun to work side by side with my wonderful husband & little girls.

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