Monday, July 20, 2009

Hiking the Alps

We woke up our last day at the Matterhorn & it was even cloudier than the day before. We were kind of bummed that we drove all that way & wouldn't see what we came to see, but we didn't let it ruin our trip. Even if we couldn't see the Matterhorn Mountain, we were going to hike the Alps rain or shine! Ummm...I guess it was going to have to be rain this time around. Trek let me wear his rain coat (sweetie pie) & we did exactly what we set out to do. We hiked the Alps Mountains all the way up to the base of the Matterhorn. We were kind of hoping we'd be able to see it if we got closer. But the higher we got, the cloudier it became. But it was SO MUCH FUN hiking with Trek. That was one of the most strenuous hikes I've ever completed. It was straight up the side of the mountain. It was great! My heart was pumping! What a great experience! I can now say that I've hiked the Swiss Alps. How cool is that?

This is me doing my visiting teaching for the month. I got stood up. Nobody was home!

Trek was jumping for joy at the thought of hiking to the top with me!

All over the mountain side were these little houses made out of old wood & stone. Trek & I were having a blast playing around, on, & in them.

We hike rain or shine!

A view of Zermatt behind us (about halfway up the mountain).

A view from the top. The base of the Matterhorn is directly behind us hidden by clouds.

I was super proud to have hiked to the top. It was tons of fun!

On our way down the mountain, we stopped at a little restaurant & had homemade ice cream. SO GOOD! They thought we were crazy to eat ice cream on such a cold day, but it was yummy!

This was the best picture we got of the actual Matterhorn Mountain. You can kind of see it through the haze of clouds. And that's only about 1/4 of it. It would have been awesome to see it in it's majesty, but we had a wonderful trip & were glad we saw what we saw of it.

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