Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"Berry" Sticky Situations

Lorien is so funny. She just loves life! As long as she's having fun, nothing else matters. We've told her several times that sometimes "fun" can be dangerous & that she should be a little more careful in her "fun." That kid has a fresh cut, scrape, or scar every single day. I go through a box of band-aids weekly because of her. Well, her newest thrill is BERRIES! Out here in Germany, there are several wild berry plants everywhere. It drives me nuts because some are totally fine to eat, & others are deadly poisonous. We've told the girls NOT to eat ANY berries unless mommy or daddy says it's okay. We're so scared they'll eat something & get really sick. We've told them this several times since summer started because the berries are out everywhere. Well, Saturday evening, Lorien comes in the house from playing out back & she is covered in red berry juice! "LORIEN!! WHAT? WHERE? GRRRR!" She took us to the tree she picked "cherries" from & I knew she was going to be fine. Our neighbor has a giant cherry tree in her backyard & last year she made us a pie with them. So Lorien was going to be fine, but we were still upset that she didn't heed our warning. Trek sat her down on the couch & explained again why we don't pick berries without asking mom or dad first. She said she would never do it again & we left it at that. Then, later that night, we were at a ward BBQ & Lorien runs over to me saying "the kids are picking berries in the bushes over there!" I told her not to touch the wild berries & she agreed. Then she said she was going to tell the other kids to ask their mommies about eating the berries too. I said that was fine & when she didn't come back, I decided to go check on her. Sure enough, there she was, crouched under a bush shoving berries in her own mouth. I was furious! "But everybody else was eating them!" She is going to be TROUBLE when she's a teenager! To top the whole berry thing off, two nights ago, we were at a park & all the kids had once again found a berry bush & were eating to their hearts content. For once, Lorien was not participating & I was happy about that. There was a wasp hive in the bush & one little girl (7 years old) got stung over 25 times & ended up having to go to the ER. I think that scared my girls into submission when it comes to berry bushes. Theron is doing fine now (poor little girl), but I think the kids will think twice about picking berries from now on!

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