Monday, July 20, 2009


The food specialty of Switzerland is FONDUE!! How awesome does that sound? We quickly learned that everything in Zermatt was horribly expensive, but we just had to try the fondue. We found a cute little restaurant & ordered 1 serving of the cheese fondue to share (1 serving was $26). Boy were we glad we only got one. We're weren't prepared for the expensive aged cheese we got. We're good ole' American kids who like cheddar cheese...we don't have the palate for this type of stuff. After about 3 bites, both Trek & I started to gag. This cheese literally tasted like stinky foot. We wondered if maybe there was some alcohol or beer or something inside (which cooks out because of the temperature) because it tasted like nothing we've ever had before. Or maybe it was just the flavor of the cheese.

We felt SO bad for not liking it. I ate as much as I could without throwing up & then Trek took one for the team & finished it off for us. The last thing we wanted to do was hurt the chef's feelings.

We left & went back to the hotel to swim for a bit & then we headed back to the restaurant for chocolate fondue. We had finally gotten over the horrible taste of the cheese, & now we wanted SWEET! We got 2 servings this time ($13 each...EXPENSIVE) & it was AWESOME! They had a bowl of yummy Swiss chocolate & we dipped strawberries, pineapple, bananas, & a fruit we've never had before into the chocolaty goodness. The server said the unknown fruit was called a "Leek" but it wasn't a "leek" like the vegetable. It kind of looked like a human heart, but small & it tasted exactly like a mandarin orange. They were seriously gross looking & had an interesting texture, but they were good. Trek wouldn't touch them, so I ate them all. I liked them. So, if you ever go to Switzerland....just say NO to cheese, but YES to chocolate!!!

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  1. Sounds like you guys had a bumpy ride, but in the end it was worth it