Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!

Another year rolls around & I'm another year older. I'm 28 now! Can you believe it? TWENTY-EIGHT!! I still remember when Trek proposed to me as if it were yesterday! I was NINETEEN! Man, time flies. I can't believe it.

My day was just like any other day. As you have kids, you don't have much time for "special celebrations" for yourself. But I wouldn't have it any other way. Cadence gave me a beautiful picture she drew early in the morning when I was getting the kids ready for breakfast. It was a picture of me (in a wedding dress, I think) & when I looked at it, I had to laugh. I had saggy boobs, there were bags drawn under my eyes, & she had drawn wrinkles all over my forehead. I asked her why I had wrinkles & this is what she told me: "Because it's your birthday & you're old now!" I pretended to frown & said, "You think I'm old?" Her response: "You're old, but at least you're not old enough to DIE yet!" That made me feel MUCH better. Out of the mouths of babes!

I took Lorien to German school & then took Taya, Bladen, & Cadence on base for the play auditions. The base is doing a "drama camp" for kids this week & they are doing the play "The Princess & the Pea." The auditions were from 10-noon, so I spent the first hour holding down the 2 little ones while Cadence did her audition. It was so darling. They had her say her name & age excited, sad, angry, with attitude, & very happy. I had to leave at 11 to go pick up Lorien & because of a bomb scare at the PO (yes you read that right....there was a package with TNT in it on our base.) I had to go the long way to pick up Lorien & it nearly took me an hour to get her because of the base lockdown. But I made it back just in time to hear that Cadence had gotten the part of a "Dusty Bunny" in the play. She was thrilled. I was so proud of her.

Then my friends surprised me with a Happy Birthday lunch at Subway. My friend Julie made me the biggest cupcake I've ever seen before & then they bought 2 big cakes to share with everyone. That was a fun surprise that really brightened my day. Thanks ladies.

I didn't get home until almost 4 because of errands & what-not & then it was time to start dinner. Trek got home around 6 & we ate. He sent me upstairs while he wrapped the presents my mom & dad, & Cari & Justin had sent. Then it was time for me to come down. Trek is so cute! He made me a 3 layer cake out of ding dongs. I laughed SO hard. He had a pint of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia (my favorite) in the center surrounded by ding dongs. There were 24 candles lit as they sang to me. I asked him why 24 & he said that that's how many came in the package. I just laughed. He's so funny.

After cake, I opened all my presents. I got all sorts of fun things...lots of clothes, some super cute shoes, a purse, cookbooks, a baby food maker, & some jewelry. I always look forward to opening my "open me last" present from my friend Nancy. Her & I are both jewelry fanatics & she always sends me a special piece of jewelry for my birthday. It's the last gift I open. It was in a velvet brown jewelry box this time & Lorien was SO funny! "Look Mom, She bought you a ding dong!" Trek & I laughed so hard at that. This year she sent me a gorgeous antique Emerald with diamonds pendant. Yes, that's a real emerald. It's HUGE! It's so beautiful!

Trek & the girls got me a day at a spa here in Germany. Trek feels bad because he's so busy at work that we really couldn't "celebrate" my birthday fully, so he's taking Friday off so I can go to a spa & have a foot rub (my favorite) & a full body massage...away from the kiddos. I love my kids, but I'm really looking forward to some quiet time. I loved every single thing that I got. Thank you ALL for all the wonderful gifts. I have the best friends & family in the entire world. Thank you for making my day SO special!

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