Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Can't HEAR You!

So, I mentioned in my entry yesterday that Cadence was having issues with her ear. Well, last night before bed, she started to gag & ended up sleeping with a bowl in case she threw up. This morning she threw up almost every time she stood up, so I called & got an appointment with the doctor on base. She took one look in her "blocked" ear & told me that she had a terrible ear infection that had ruptured her eardrum. CRAZY! Cadence said that the first time she ever felt any pain in her ear was last night & that is obviously when it ruptured. But it had to have been infected long before that, but she had no symptoms. She's just too much of a trooper to notice anything. What a sweetheart. Anyway, the reason she is throwing up is because it's knocked out her equilibrium & she's dizzy when she moves or stands up. Poor thing. She's on amoxicillin now & after 2 doses, she is up & around, playing, eating & things are normal again. She still can't hear out of that ear, but the doctor said that it will take about a week or two to heal up completely & then she'll get her hearing back. She's such a good girl. (She insisted on going to cheer camp today...she sat in the back & watched & learned the cheers from her seat instead of fully participating, but she didn't want to "get behind" & miss any days. She's too excited for the performance on Friday.)

And then, here's a picture of Taya to make you smile. She's like her momma; she loves accessories...especially shoes & hats. Here she is wearing Bladen's monkey hat while putting on her shoes!

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