Tuesday, January 9, 2018


The big project in November was Lo's performance in the play

She's been working hard for 3 months learning lines, songs, & choreography.  Lorien got the part of "July" who is the oldest orphan at the orphanage that Annie gets adopted from.  This was the first play that she's been in that she got to wear a microphone & have speaking & singing solos.  She was SO excited & she did such an amazing job.

I again did make-up for the play & pretty much made it to almost every rehearsal.  I was really involved this year & got to know the cast, helped a little with sets & props, & helped "tame" the kids as they rehearsed.  It was hours & hours & hours of time very well spent.  The entire play was amazing.  The sets (designed & built by one of the dads) were beyond incredible.  The costumes were fantastic (all sewn & put together by a group of fellow moms).  I did make-up & another wonderful mom did hair from the 1930's.  Everything put together made up the most amazing middle school play I've ever seen.  I feel SO blessed that I got to be such a big part of it all.

Lo was so cute up there with her microphone on.

And the rehearsals got better & better each time they added a new set piece or a new costume or a new prop.  Watching it all come together over time was like magic.

They performed 4 shows & it was SO MUCH FUN.

Lorien was so adorable in her microphone, costume, & make-up.

And all of her friends are in drama so they all got to do this together which made it even more special.

I got to study out & do some new make-up techniques this year, like old-age make-up.  I had a blast & the boys I worked on were so patient with me.

And just look at some of these costumes.  Just amazing isn't it?

Lorien said her favorite part (other than singing & dancing) was the excitement after each performance.  The cast got to come out & visit with the audience members & that was SO neat for them.  She has such wonderful friends & this was such a great adventure & memory for them all.  We are going to miss this drama department when we move this summer.  It's been amazing.

Lorien got flowers from all her Auntie's & Opa, Oma, & Grandma even drove up from Los Angeles to watch her perform.  Auntie Marc & Tylee came down to see her as well.

And though Auntie Triskin couldn't make it for the performance, she sent a huge vase of flowers for our little actress.

She was sweet & sent me some too.  What a sweetheart.

Unfortunately we aren't legaly able to post video of the play on the internet, but here are some pictures of some of the scenes Lo was in.   She did such an amazing job & we are SO proud of her.

This play was the highlight of Lorien's year.  We are so grateful for this amazing experience she's had & we can't wait to see what more she has in store for us over the next few years.

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