Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Pumpkin Carving

Oh man, I'm SO far behind on my blog.  Life just catches up to you every now & again, but that's okay right?  We have to roll with the punches.  And here we are . . . 2018 & I'm determined to catch you up on all the Potter happenings in November & December because it was A LOT.

It's been SO nice living close to family.  Tylee & Jeff live in San Francisco so we can easily drive up there in 40 minutes for some fun family time.  My kids love Jeff's 2 boys who are Lorien & Taya's ages.  They fit right into the family & it's just fun getting to know them & making them a part of the family.

For Halloween, we drove up to their house & carved pumpkins together.  The kids had a blast.  They found the BIGGEST pumpkins I've ever carved before & the kids had a hay day trying to dig all the seeds out of them.

 They each created their own fun design.  It was fun seeing the kids get into it.  They all have such different personalities.  It makes it fun.  Taya wanted a batman sign.

And Craiger insisted on a snake.

Lo, who is obsessed with Doctor Who right now, carved a Dalek into her pumpkin.

Canyon decided he didn't like the way the goo inside felt so he opted with just a lid on his pumpkin.  It was too cute to carve anyway.

Cadence is also a Doctor Who fan, so she tried to carve a TARDIS on hers.

Drew opted for a spider.  Poor Lucas wasn't feeling well that night, but we were sure to keep him company while we carved.  We love those boys so much.

The highlight of the whole night for me was dinner.  On our drive up, we were watching Inside Out which takes place in San Francisco.  We were watching the part where they order pizza & there is broccoli on the pizza.  GROSS.  Anger then throws a fit & says "Great job San Francisco, you've ruined pizza.  First the Hawaiians, & now you!"

After that part Craiger asked me if there would be broccoli on our pizza.  (Tylee told us she had ordered pizza for everyone that would be waiting for us when we arrived).  I told him that it was just a movie & it was trying to be funny & that there wouldn't be any broccoli on his pizza.

We got there & opened up the 1st pizza box & found THIS!

ha ha ha.  Trek & I laughed until we cried.  Craiger's face was priceless.  Luckily, the other 3 pizzas were normal.  Tylee & her family are all vegan so they always have a "special" thing for them.  They like broccoli pizza I guess.  ha ha ha.

We had a great time.  I feel so spoiled that we live so close to family here.