Thursday, January 11, 2018

Hollywood fun with Auntie

Of course Christmas wouldn't be Christmas for our family if someone didn't get sick.  Trek & I have been married 16 years, & I don't think we've had a single year where one of us wasn't sick for Christmas.  This year we were lucky to have SEVERAL victims of our luck, but Taya started it out for us with a nice batch of STREP THROAT.

Poor thing.  We took her to urgent care & they confirmed instantly that she sure enough had Strep.  Thank heavens we got antibiotics immediately for her.  We bought her some face masks & had her wash her hands every 20 minutes to keep the germs from spreading (which ended up being perfect because NOBODY else got Strep.).  Poor baby girl.

That night everybody went down to Hollywood to visit Auntie Tarrish (who lives in Hollywood.)  I stayed home with Taya for a mommy/daughter/sickie date night.  Taya & I watched The Emoji Movie  together on the couch while everyone else went to Tarrish's.

They had a blast.  I love that Tarrish lives SO close to the Hollywood sign.  You can stand in the street & see it behind you.

Tarrish had a fun night planned for all the kids.  They watched movies, ate pizza, had popcorn, & had a blast.  She bought them all some reindeer ears & some cute cups too.  They were SO excited to be there & couldn't stop talking about it when they got home.

Auntie's are the best.

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