Thursday, January 11, 2018

Sweet Treats & Mommy Daughter Time

Every year I make a TON TON TON of goodies for Christmas.  I LOVE making candy.  And Christmas is pretty much the only time I do it so I do a LOT.  This year I made 100 sugar cookies, 100 gingerbread cookies, 300 pieces of mint chocolate fudge, 300 pieces of peanut butter heath bar fudge, 50 krispy caramel marshmallows, 2 batches of muddy buddies, over 500 caramels, 4 dozen peanut butter bars, & 4 batches of Christmas crack.  It was a LOT of food.  This year I got my 3 girls involved so that they could learn how to do it do.

We divided it all out into several plates & went Christmas caroling as a family to several of our friends' & neighbors' houses.  We love to carol as a family & this year was the first year we actually sang in parts which was new & really fun.  I love that my kids are getting older & learning how to do these things.  Then the leftovers came down to Trek's family's house.  It was great.

The day school got out for Christmas break, the high school got out SUPER early.  I had an entire day where it was just Cadence & I.  We watched 2 movies together, laughed, talked. . . it was great.  She's been working SO hard in school & I am so proud of her.  She managed to get straight A's this semester.  She worked really hard for those grades.  I love one on one time with my kiddos.

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