Thursday, January 11, 2018


Once the family arrived at 11, we were able to start opening presents.  The kids were in heaven.  They got so many fun things.

Canyon got some bow ties as his "spiritual" present.

Craiger got a new CTR ring for his "spiritual" gift.

Bladen got a journal as his "spiritual" gift.

Lorien drew Taya's name & gave her a Hermione plush.

Lorien got a new dress for her "spiritual" gift.

And Cadence got a new dress for her "spiritual" gift too.

We gave Emery a pie face game.  She loved it.

Canyon got a robe for his "need" gift.

Canyon drew Bladen's name & got him an angry birds Wii game.

Craiger's "want" present was a hydro flask water bottle.  It cracks me up that my 6 year old wanted a water bottle more than anything else for Christmas.

Cadence got some undershirts for her "need" present.

Bladen drew Lorien's name & got her a Doctor Who necklace & pocket watch.

Canyon's "want" present was a Mario costume.

Taya drew Craiger's name & got him a stomp rocket.

We sure love having family together.

Lorien also got undershirts as her "need" gift.

And Bladen got a robe as his "need" gift.

Grandma Kinsfather is so beautiful.  It was so nice having her with us for Christmas.

Taya's "need" gift was a new dress.  She desperately needed new dresses.

Trek drew Canyon's name & got him one of those hilarious Chewbacca masks that screams when you open it's mouth.  We were all playing with it all morning.  We were all laughing SO hard.

Craiger got a robe for his "need" present.

Auntie Char got the whole family a spikeball set.  This will be SO fun to play as a family outside.  It will also be great for night games.

Auntie Tylee sent the kiddos a HUGE tower of candy.  They loved that.

I've been SUPER excited about Taya's want present.  I found this amazing Hogwarts castle toy with little figures of Harry Potter characters.  She about died.  She was SO excited.

BUT . . . the highlight of the entire morning was Cadence & Lorien's "want" presents.  Trek & I got them phones.  They've been begging for cell phones for years, but we always tell them they can have them when they're 18.  They totally didn't expect it & the looks on their faces were priceless when they realized what they had just opened.

Just look at this video. . . They were BAWLING!

Before we wrapped up the phones, Trek & I took HILARIOUS "selfies" on each of their phones & set  the pictures as their backgrounds on their phones.  So now every time they turn on their phones, they see our crazy faces.  Being a parent is so fun.

Then of course all they did the rest of the day was play on their new phones.  Typical teenagers.

At the very end of the morning.  Auntie Tarrish & Auntie Triskin gave each kid a giant lollipop with $20 attached.

It was a wonderful Christmas.  We had tons of fun with family & enjoyed every second of it.

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