Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Halloween Fun

I know I already posted our "professional" Halloween costume photos, but it's always fun to see us on Halloween too.

Lorien wore her costume to school & actually won the school's costume contest.  She has the best friends & I got a great picture of her group of friends all together.

And I just kept getting a kick out of my shadow.  Yes, I wore my costume ALL DAY LONG.  How could I not?  It was SO FUN.

I took Canyon all over town to trick or treat at the mall, the library, & the shops downtown.  It was a blast.

And then of course, everybody got dolled up to go trick or treating.

Now that we have 6 kids that LIKE to go trick or treating, we come home with WAY MORE CANDY than we even hand out.  I started handing out handfulls of their candy to trick or treaters that came to our house & we still somehow wound up with this after all was said & done.  We ended up with over 7 gallons of candy.  YIKES.

It was my very favorite year of Halloween ever.  I've been waiting to do the Disney villian costumes for YEARS.  I have no idea what I'm going to make next year because it just doesn't get better than this.

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