Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Cadence's Kaleidoscope Project

Of course Cadence had a huge research paper & project to do over Thanksgiving break.  She always seems to get those classes.  The project wasn't actually due until a few days after the break, but she knew if she didn't start it right away, it wasn't going to get done very well.  So I was proud of her for getting it done early, even if it meant sacrificing her Thanksgiving break.

She had to write a 5 page research paper on kaleidoscopes & then make her own kaleidoscope for her honors Geometry class.  The paper sounded awful, but the project sounded fun.  Cadence is my writer though, so she thoroughly enjoyed that research paper . . . & she enjoyed it SO much, that instead of writing 5 pages on kaleidoscopes, she ended up writing a full 13 pages.

We went to the hardware store & the craft store to pick up some materials & then she got to work.  Trek made her work the saw & everything to cut the PVC pipe & holes in the body of the kaleidoscope.  She was certain she was going to cut her fingers off, but she didn't & she actually did a really great job.

She made an interchangeable kaleidoscope where you can change out the jars to look at by twisting the screws at the end to release the jars.  This made hers unique & really fun.  She made 5 different jars of things to look at, & then wrapped her kaleidoscope with paper, ribbon, beads, & paint.

Look at how amazing these images are.  She did an amazing job with this project.  My kids never cease to amazing me.  They are so talented.  I was so proud of her.

Well done, Cadence.  Well done.

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