Thursday, January 11, 2018

Christmas Eve Pajamas

After dinner was over, we all sat down to watch a Christmas movie.  We watched the Santa Claus which is one of my very favorites.  While we were watching the movie, the kids heard sleigh bells upstairs so we all ran upstairs & found 9 little presents all wrapped & waiting for the 9 kiddos.

Of course Santa came a little early to drop off new pajamas.  They were SO excited.

Canyon got some Mario pajamas.

And Craiger got the coolest glow-in-the-dark space pajamas.

Bladen was super excited about his SHARK pj's.

And Taya couldn't stop screaming over her Harry Potter nightgown.  Oh my goodness, it was gorgeous.  It was black with gold foil.  They had the Marauder's Map all over them.  Just gorgeous.

Lorien loved her Doctor Who villian pj's.  They made me laugh.  She had the TARDIS, a dalek, a Silence, a cyberman, & a weeping angel crossing Abby Road (like the Beatles), & her pants were all weeping angels which are Lo's favorite part about Doctor Who.

And Cadence was giggly & excited about her TARDIS pj's.  My two Doctor Who lovers.

After opening all the pj's, they all ran upstairs & tried them on.  They all looked adorable.

It was the perfect little surprise for the night to get the kids a little more excited about Christmas morning.  And we were all so comfy for the rest of our movie.

After the movie we all went to bed so that Santa could come & hopefully leave presents for all the kids.

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