Thursday, January 11, 2018

Family Fun

We got to spend Christmas in Los Angeles with Trek's family this year.  His parents only live about 5 hours from Mountain View so it really isn't that bad of a drive.  

We drove down the Monday before Christmas & as soon as we arrived, the house was buzzing with excitement.  Their cousins were there, Opa & Oma had a game for them, there was tons of food . . . it was very exciting.

Opa & Oma gave each of the grandkids a $10 so we all drove to the mall & let the kids pick something out for $10.  Of course ALL six of mine took their money straight to the Disney store.
Yup, they're definitely MY children.

The Disney Store was having a sale on stuffed animals so that if you buy one at regular price, you get a 2nd for $2.00.  Craiger & Taya played their $10 brilliantly.  They both picked out $15 stuffed animals & got both of them for a total of $17. . . or $8.50 each.  They had $1.50 each left over for treats later.

Bladen chose a remote control car that was on sale for $10,

And Canyon picked a Buzz Lightyear action figure to spend his money on.

Lorien is my practical girl (she's so much like me it's scary).  She picked out an adorable Mickey & Minnie water bottle to spend her $10 on.

And then there's Cadence . . . . my oldest child . . . . my TEENAGER . . . . who's ALMOST 15!
What did she pick out?  The biggest stuffed PIG I've ever seen.  Not just any pig, a $40 pig.  Good grief.  Her logic . . . Opa & Oma gave me $10 so really I'm only paying $30 for it.

Whatever.  So now Cadence has a giant Pua (from Moana) that guards her bed.  I can't complain too much.  She never spends money so she deserves a little fun every now and again.

After getting some fun toys we headed over to visit Santa.  I LOVE the picture we got with him.  It's very rare that ALL the Potter cousins are together at one time so this picture is perfect.  I especially love Craiger's adorably awkward smile in this picture.  Can a kid get any cuter?  Seriously.  I will cherish this picture forever.

Tuesday, I got the opportunity to spend the entire day with my dear friend Nancy in Irvine.  We shopped til we dropped & had a blast every second of the way.  It was lovely seeing her again.

Nancy & I met up with the family at Tito's Tacos in Culver City where we ate tacos & nachos & burritos & everything that makes life wonderful (because Mexican food is the food of heaven, I'm sure of it).  Then we headed over to the Los Angeles Temple to show the kids the Christmas lights.

They were gorgeous.  And again we could feel the beautiful spirit the temple gives us as we walked it's grounds.  I love taking my family to the temple.

I love family time.  I'm so blessed to have two wonderful families.  I miss my own family SO much & can't wait to see them again (possibly this summer).  But it's so nice to have Trek's family too.  I love them dearly & have enjoyed living this close to them.

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