Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Bethlehem - Live Nativity

A church in Santa Clara does the neatest thing at Christmastime.  They take the parking lot of their church & completely transform it into Bethlehem. . . seriously.  They bring in tons of sand, build buildings, bring in camels & donkeys, the works.  It's SO amazing.  And it's completely free.

We went with a big group from our church congregation to see it.  Out front is a shepherd hill where the shepherds are tending their sheep.

An angel appears (high in the sky) & sings of Christ's birth in Bethlehem.

Then the shepherds run to see the Christ child.

Inside the "city" there are Roman guards, shops, shopkeepers, animals . . . it's just amazing.  You can go to each of the "shops" & try pressing grapes, fish, make perfume, build a wall, etc.  Mary & Joseph come into the city on a donkey looking for a room & they get turned away from all the inns & wind up in a stable where Mary sings to her newborn child.  Soon the shepherds join them.

My kids' favorite part is the wise men.  They come in lead by a flame swallower & a sword juggler.  They are riding camels & are being carried by servants.  It's really spectacular.

And the music they all sing at the manger reminds you the reason of the season.  It's a beautiful reminder of why we celebrate Christmas.

I'm grateful to everyone who works so hard to make this such a neat event for families every year.

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