Thursday, January 11, 2018

Christmas Eve Fun

Christmas Eve is always a lot of fun no matter where you are or who you are with.  We were so blessed to spend it with family.

We went to church Christmas Eve morning, & after church I helped all the kiddos build gingerbread houses to help pass the time.  We had 3 really big gingerbread house kits that were given to us so we made 3 teams of 3 kids each, & let them be as creative as they wanted.  They had a blast.

The 3 big girls did the frosting, while the little ones put on the candies & decorations.  It was teamwork at it's finest.

Christmas Eve was SO chill.  We relaxed, watched a few movies, played some card games, & just hung out.  For dinner we made some amazing BBQ ribs, chicken, & tri-tip along with some deviled eggs, bacon wrapped smokies, & all sorts of other things.  (It was a very meat heavy dinner, & it was delicious!)

And that was just the beginning of all the fun Christmas happenings . . .

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