Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Camp Tonsofun Day 2: The GARAGE

Camp Tonsofun Day 2 was going to be the HARDEST day of the week.  I didn't want the first day to be too hard, nor the last, so I made it the 2nd day so we could get it over with.

Today we tackled the dreaded 

I had a garage chore behind each letter of the word "GARAGE."  It split the day up nicely when we focused on one small part of the garage at a time.  It made it go by faster that way. . . even though we still spent over 6 1/2 hours cleaning in there today.

So first off, let me start with the before pics.  Not that the garage was overly disgusting to begin with, it was just cluttered.  I was tripping over bikes, food, tools, etc. every time I went in there to get something.  It was driving me insane.  So we definitely had our work cut out for us.

First we organized all the boxes & holiday supplies.  That made it so that all our Halloween boxes were together & all our Christmas stuff was together, etc.  That one took over an hour by itself.  There was SO MUCH SAWDUST in the garage from making that triple decker bunk bed that everything had to be wiped down really well.  It was SO NICE having everything cleaned up.

Second we tackled the tools.  We wiped all the sawdust off of them & organized them nicely for Trek.  This is where we ran into a black widow, 2 spider's egg nests, & some yummy maggots hiding in the corner of the garage under Trek's tools.  SCREAM.  Yes, we all screamed SEVERAL times on this adventure.  But we were able to kill everything & dispose of them properly.

Third we swept the entire garage.  Now that we had almost everything picked up & organized, sweeping went by pretty fast.  The hardest part was sweeping by the food shelves.  There was a dead rat in a mouse trap (MORE SCREAMS) & lots of fur around.  I swear, the mice here are terrible.  We have traps all around the garage, but they still manage to get into things.

Then it was time for a break.  I put the boys down for naps & got out our Camp Craft for the day: Bubble CTR Rings.
The kids actually got this for their birthdays in February, but I hid it away just for Camp Tonsofun.  The rings were already made, they just had to paint them & attach the CTR stickers on the front.  They had a blast.

Taya's was my favorite.  It turned out a beautiful blue & yellow marbled color.  Good job Taya.

After naps & crafts we tackled more of the garage.  We organized all the bikes, scooters, & other odds & ends & made parking spaces out of painters tape.

Now each of the kids have a special place to park their outside toys.

Cadence was SO concerned that Craiger's name started with a "C" like hers that we decided to do an "M" for Craiger since his nickname is MONSTER.

After naps we got all the kids together for our

I could watch Craiger play with bubbles forever.  He's SO DANG CUTE.

The last 2 things we did was organize the food/camping shelves & then the food storage rotating racks. They didn't take much time at all & boy does it make all the difference in the world when your food storage is organized.  

The garage looks AWESOME now doesn't it?

For the kids' special surprise tonight I gave them a pack of Twizzlers with a note that said:
"It makes me 'TWIST' with delight when you set the table every night."  
I put it on their place settings after they set the table for dinner.

Twizzlers are Cadence's favorite so she was especially excited when she saw them.

Tonight's dinner spotlight was Lorien.  We ate her favorite dinner:
Spaghetti & Meatballs, Breadsticks,  & Nectarines.  
Then we went around the table & told her why we love her so very much.

Now I'm COMPLETELY ready for bed.  My back aches & I'm EXHAUSTED.  Tomorrow will be a LOT easier than today was.

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