Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sad Good-Bye's

I hate goodbyes with a passion.  I don't like leaving people & I don't like people leaving me.  This was a hard goodbye for me.  I visited my mom in the hospital every single day I was in Utah.  I even drove 40 minutes each way with all 5 of my kids by myself to see her.  THAT'S how important my mom is to me.  Leaving was horrible.

I AM happy to leave when she is doing SO WELL though.  In the month and a half I spent in Utah she went from being in a coma on a respirator fighting for her own life to walking with a walker, talking, completely alert & awake, & able to do things on her own fairly well.  In a matter of weeks she'll be home again & on the road to recovery.

I just want my sweet mother to know how much I love her.  She is my HERO in every way.  She is an example of the person I want to someday be.  She is a fighter, a survivor, a strong warrior that can overcome all odds against her.  She is amazing, beautiful, loving, funny, & perfect in every way.

I'm SO PROUD of you mom.

I love you & miss you terribly but I'll see you soon.  
Christmas can't come soon enough.

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