Thursday, July 19, 2012


It was SO nice being around cousins for 6 weeks.  Having Korbyn & Brinley right there made our vacation SO MUCH FUN.  And what was their favorite thing to play together?
of course!

Korbyn was ALWAYS Spiderman.  Lorien liked dressing up in Korbyn's Buzz Lightyear wings.  Taya dressed up in everything he had at one point or another & poor Cadence was piecing together random costumes from props & blankets around the house since she was so much bigger than the other kids.  They were DARLING.

Poor Craiger was scared to death of Korbyn in his Spiderman costume.  We kept telling him to lift his mask up so that Craiger could see his face.  Even then, he was still scared of him.  We thought it was hilarious.

Craiger even got in on the dress-up action.  He liked dressing up in Korbyn's old tiger costume.  He was the cutest tiger I've ever seen!

I thought it was hilarious that Taya's favorite costume was the BYU Cougar costume.  
True Blue Through & Through.

Cadence finally made a kimono princess out of scarves & blankets.  She's so funny.  I just love how she still enjoys the simple things in life.  She's such a good kid.

Brinley & Craiger LOVE each other. 
Cousin Kisses.

I miss my niece & nephew already.  Love you guys.

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